CCNA 200-301

What is CCNA?

The term CCNA is formed from the initials of Cisco Certified Network Associate. The title of this phrase can be translated as “Cisco Network Associate Certificate”. After the beginner level, CCNA is the second level of Cisco certifications, along with the Cisco DevNet Master and CyberOps Master certifications. The CCNA certification is globally recognized and highly respected in the industry. This certificate program is suitable for all types of network professionals. CCNA was first offered in the late seventies. It is estimated that more than one million CCNA certifications have been issued to date.

The CCNA 301-200 exam takes 120 minutes.

The CCNA certification includes some common skills that are critical to the ideal performance of a network engineer. These skills can be considered a type of soft skills in the field of networking.





Customer Service

Analytical Skills

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